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publicメソッド、Version 4.6.005~

setSignature( $signing_cert, $private_key, $private_key_password, $extracerts, $cert_type, $info )


mixtd $signing_cert '' 証明書ファイル
mixed $private_key '' 秘密鍵ファイル
string $private_key_password '' 秘密鍵パスワード
string $extracerts '' specifies the name of a file containing a bunch of extra certificates to include in the signature which can for example be used to help the recipient to verify the certificate that you used.
int $cert_type 2 The access permissions granted for this document. Valid values shall be: 1 = No changes to the document shall be permitted; any change to the document shall invalidate the signature; 2 = Permitted changes shall be filling in forms, instantiating page templates, and signing; other changes shall invalidate the signature; 3 = Permitted changes shall be the same as for 2, as well as annotation creation, deletion, and modification; other changes shall invalidate the signature.
array $info array() array of option information: Name, Location, Reason, ContactInfo.